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Step 1. Visit our homepage electeer de gewenste categorie en klik met uw muis (Chocolates /rinks / Ice Cream / Moments / Contact)
how to order 1

Step 2. Go to chocolates and then press the button regular.

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Step 3. Choose the products you like on the page and order them by filling in the amount and then press 'voeg toe'.d

e gewen oephow to order 3 en klik
Step 4. After you have chosen all the products you want go to the shopping basket, by clicking on 'winkelmandje'. uw muis (Organic / Regular / Typical Dutch / Alroduct wordt nu in uw winkelmandje geplaatst.
how to order 4  
Step 5. You have entered the shopping basket. Please fill in the complete invoice address of the order.

how to order 5Bent u tevreden met uw aankoop, vul dan uw NAW gegevens in op de afrekenpagina. Wijzig
Step 6. After you filled in the complete invoice adress there will come more fields for extra information by the invoice address.ndie
n deze afwijkt van uw factuuradres (bij bijvoorbeeld een verjaardagsgeschenk).

  how to order 6
Step 7. If the delivery address is different from the invoice address you can change the address of the delivery to press on the word 'afleveradres' and then there will be showed more fields to fill in the correct address.

how to order 7
Step 8. After you have completed the invoice and delivery address for the order you can fill in the desired delivery date. Australian will give the order to the deliverer 1 day before the desired delivery date for addresses in The Netherlands and Australian will give the order three days in advance to the deliverer for addresses outside The Netherlands.

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Step 9. There is a possibility to add a free giftcard with the order. You can fill in the personal text for the card under 'Uw persoonlijke tekst op de giftcard'.
Step 10. Please check again all the data that is filled in and after it is correct you have to agree with our general terms by pressing the empty square.  Now you can press the button 'Betalen - Worldpay:

how to order 9
Step 11. You have entered the payment environment. You will get a confirmation e-mail at the filled in e-mail address of the order after payment.

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6. Uw persoonlijke giftcar. Zodra uw bestelling wordt aangeboden aan post NL, ontvangt u een zendbvestiging voorzien
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